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Harassment Prevention Training:

Employers know they need to do workplace harassment prevention training, but often put it off. Amy Stephson provides training that communicates the essentials and is interesting, thought-provoking, customized for the particular workplace, and even fun.

  • Harassment Prevention 101 (2.5 hours) and Basic (1.25 hours).  For both management and staff, the "101" training includes exercises, brief lectures, and lots of class participation. Participants learn the legal definition of harassment, real life ways employees get into trouble, the employer's policy, and how to maintain boundaries and respond to harassing behaviors. The "Basic" training is similar but covers the issues in less detail.
  • Workplace Harassment Prevention for Managers and Supervisors (1.5 hours). This training helps participants effectively prevent harassment through modeling respectful behavior, understanding workplace power dynamics, communicating policies, and ensuring accountability. It also addresses responding to complaints and managing situations before they become problems.
  • Individual Coaching (2 or more sessions).  Customized one-on-one training/coaching for valued employees whose past or ongoing behaviors create an organizational risk.

Investigations Training:

Amy also provides training for managers, supervisors, and human resources professionals on how to conduct workplace investigations. She provides both full-day comprehensive sessions and shorter presentations on specific topics such as effective interviewing and report writing.

Employment Advice:

Amy advises both employees and employers on a range of employment issues, including harassment and discrimination, termination, employment and severance agreements, and unemployment benefits.

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