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Executive Coaching:

Top leaders face new challenges that require new skills. They need to inspire the troops, conceptualize at a higher level, build teams, and engage with the outside world in new ways. Technical skills are no longer critical and the transition from manager to leader can be difficult. Leaders may need help meeting business objectives, realizing the impact of their personal style, or better understanding larger organizational systems or culture. Amy works with leaders on these and other issues they face, assisting them to understand their strengths and weaknesses, the internal and external barriers they face, and what action steps are needed.

Management and Supervisory Coaching:

Managers and supervisors face many of the same issues as top leaders and coaching can help them solve those challenges in much the same way. However, more so than those at the top, managers and supervisors also have to deal with human resource issues. The challenges are many and time-consuming. Poor work performance. Difficult personalities. Conflict. Absenteeism. Inability to work and play well with others. Through coaching, Amy helps managers and supervisors develop their people managing skills, understand the system in which they are operating, and apply their skills and understanding to specific situations.

Other Employees:

Coaching is also an effective way to help employees who may have job performance or behavior problems, or those who are emerging from a difficult period and need assistance to return to their former productivity. As a coach, Amy can help achieve goals that both the employer and employee share. The employee can gain insights into their strengths, weaknesses, and behaviors - and develop a plan of improvement. The employee has a sounding board who reflects back what they're saying and enables them to "reality test." The employee may make real changes in how they're functioning in the workplace simply because someone is paying attention to them and listening.

Small Business Owners:

Starting and running a small business can be overwhelming. Marketing, finances, sales, hiring staff - the list of challenges is endless. Feelings of isolation and insecurity often accompany these challenges. Through coaching, Amy helps business owners prioritize what's needed, take the necessary steps, and start achieving the dreams that led them to business ownership in the first place.

Employee Relationship Coaching:

Job productivity and satisfaction are deeply affected when two or more employees have conflicts or a strained relationship. If the employees have been involved in a workplace investigation, distrust and anger can add to the problems. By coaching each of the parties - and bringing them together for a facilitated conversation if needed - Amy can help each understand the other and develop better ways to interact.

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